Construction Equipment

We have many years of experience in fabricating complex construction equipment for bridges, tanks, tunnels, tall buildings and other infrastructure projects. Some good examples are moving shoring systems (MSS), launching gantries, form travelers and self-climbing formwork.

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Temporary Steel Structures

Our work includes the manufacture of temporary steel structures such as access bridges, trestles, shoring, bracing,  falsework, weldments and similar items used by contractors to expedite their projects. Also included are fabric covered steel structures for storage, aircraft hangars, events and display.

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Permanent Steel Structures

Our workshops also fabricate permanent steel structures such as bridges, tanks, buildings, roofs and weldments to high international standards. As a regular supplier to the offshore industry we are used to high standards and rigorous QA/QC requirements.

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Norway Steel USA

We offer domestic and international steel fabrication services from our workshops in the US, Europe and Asia. Whatever your project, we have the facilities and experience to deliver high quality steel structures and components at very competitive prices. We enforce strict international quality standards and serve North America as well as most other parts of the world. By signing a contract directly with us, rather than with some "unknown" subcontractor, you get the solid assurance of an on-time delivery without the complications of dealing with a foreign entity.


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Send us your drawings and specifications for a free, no-obligation quote for your next project. We will price your work from our most suitable facility to give you the best value and the quality you expect. If your project has no restrictions, we can offer very competitive pricing from our Asian facilities.