Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement - Long Beach, California. Moving scaffolding system (MSS). Similar units fabricated by Norway Steel Group.
Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement - Long Beach, California. Moving scaffolding system (MSS). Similar units fabricated by Norway Steel Group.

Our Mission

Every day, we are guided in our work by two core principles:
- Consistently provide quality steel fabrication services according to strict international quality standards.
- Give our customers a cost advantage by offering globally competitive steel fabrication prices.
Our job is to ensure your success. When you succeed, we succeed. There is no other way.


Our Story

Norway Steel Group AS started as a Norwegian registered company and was established in 2004 by individuals with many years of experience in international steel fabrication. Today, we provide steel fabrication and related services according to strict quality standards in North America and also most other parts of the world.

Norway Steel Group AS specializes in supplying all types of structural steel to meet our clients’ needs, in conformance with their specifications and requirements. Signing a contract directly with us, and not with some “unknown” subcontractor, gives you solid assurance of an on-time delivery with minimal risk. All steel fabrication is carried out in our name and under our strict management system.  Our rigorously pre-qualified workshops around the globe have carried out steel fabrication for several decades, both for light and heavy steel structures, ranging from offshore oil installations and heavy lifting equipment to simple steel trusses for buildings and storage structures.

Norway Steel Europe s.r.o, is based in Slovakia. It was established mostly to carry out Norway Steel’s business in Europe, particularly inside the EU. This avoids the difficult VAT problems linked to fabrication and delivery inside the EU as well as issues related to exporting from the EU.

Wuhan Steel Machinery Co. Ltd is our subsidiary in China. They are in possession of a valid Chinese export license and provide us with assistance on various tasks, such as project management, QA/QC, procurement, tender and bid inquires, contracts, logistic, etc.

Norse Inspection Co. Ltd is a Chinese registered, independent 3rd party company that is engaged in NDE inspection, material testing, documentation and QA/QC engineering for steel work in the petroleum and chemical industries, ship-building, offshore structures, bridges, buildings and other facilities.

Meet the Team

The company and its workshops have many decades of experience in international steel fabrication. Our team has worked on demanding, high profile projects and also on smaller projects that require timely and reliable performance at globally competitive prices. We are a regular supplier to the offshore industry and know how to fabricate steel structures and components in compliance with tough international specifications.


Michael Veegh P.E.

North America

Michael is a US registered engineer with 32 years of experience in structural and construction engineering and related steel design. Since 1985, he has worked on numerous high-profile bridge and offshore projects in North America, including the new Bay Bridge in San Francisco and the Hebron offshore oil platform in Canada. He is Norway Steel's representative in the United States and always ready to supply your steel fabrication needs.


Robert Bader


Robert is an international construction expert with 29 years of experience in high-end construction systems for large-scale infrastructure projects. He spent 17 years in the bridge building equipment industry as site and project manager and later in marketing. He spent 9 years as a slipforming expert on cable-stayed bridges and Condeep offshore oil platforms. He is CEO and also director of business development for Norway Steel.


Jan Hansen


Jan is responsible for Finance and Control within Norway Steel Group AS.

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