Answers to some common questions received from customers.

How do you ensure that I receive a quality product?

Norway Steel will track and document the entire fabrication process from material receiving to final painting and packing for shipment. All checking and verification efforts are documented for each step and assembled into a final report, as proof of quality and to provide total traceability in terms of material conformance and workmanship. As part of this process, we will develop a thorough and optimal ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) for our client and then make sure this ITP is in fact closely followed by the workshop. All results and checks are included in the final documentation. We have 100% traceability for the materials supplied and the work performed. We can also perform trial assemblies and full load-testing in our workshops, if required by the customer.

Do you ship oversees?

Yes, we’ll ship your fabricated steel structures and components to just about anywhere in the world. All parts are fabricated to fit into standard shipping containers for delivery by ship, rail and truck. Wherever these modes of transportation can reach, we can deliver your structural steel. With the current over-capacity in international shipping, freight charges are very reasonable.

Can you handle my project?

Of course! Our workshops are certified in all execution classes and have annual production capacities ranging from 15 000 tons to 150 000 tons. If necessary, we can split the work between two or more shops.