Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement


1200 ton Moving Shoring Systems (MSS). Similar units routinely fabricated by Norway Steel Group.

The new Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach, California is a cast-in-place concrete box girder bridge with steel/concrete composite cable-stayed main spans. The approaches are built using self-launching Moving Shoring Systems (MSS), which allow the casting of entire spans at a time. These complex machines contain many thousands of parts and can weigh up to 1200 tons. Two of these machines were commissioned for this project. They were custom designed by Strukturas AS of Norway. The machines were then fabricated in China to European specifications and delivered in 40 ft containers to the Port of Long Beach. Both machines were assembled in staging areas next to the project site and completed in place, to be ready for the first pour. MSS B started work during 2016 and MSS A will follow suit in 2017.

This is the type of the steel work that Norway Steel Group can deliver for its customers. Quality fabrication at very competitive prices. For more information and to get a quote on your next steel project, please contact Michael Veegh.