Shop Drawings

We will take your contract drawings and produce accurate shop drawings for your review and approval. Most of our work is done in TEKLA 3D. If you are interested in the lowest price possible, we can advise of design changes to make to further reduce costs, based on specific production factors at our Asian facilities. Our team includes registered professional engineers with many decades of steel design experience and they are always available to assist your designers in maximizing the value we can deliver.

CNC 02


We will fabricate your steel structures and components in strict conformance with the plans and specifications provided by you, or to generally accepted international standards, as agreed upon. Our QA/QC system ensures full traceability for materials and fabrication, giving you the piece of mind you are looking for. You will receive a first-class product and also the proper documentation to back it up. As part of our scope, we can also perform partial or full trial assemblies and extensive load testing in the shop.



The inspection process is at the very heart of what we do. We see it as a vital step in providing you with quality products in conformance with your requirements. We typically provide non-destructive testing (NDT) in the form of 100% visual testing (VT), 100% magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and 10% ultrasonic testing (UT) on penetration welds. Different testing and inspection requirements will also be performed when requested by the client. We provide 100% traceability for materials and workmanship.

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CNC Machining and Cutting

Our shops use the latest in CNC manufacturing technologies for cutting, welding and machining to improve the fabrication turn-around time and also the quality of the manufactured steel products. These benefits accrue directly to you, the customer, in the form of faster delivery of a quality product at a good price. Our CNC equipment includes automatic submerged arc welding stations, precision cutting tables, array drilling machines, 3D multi-directional drilling machines and computer controlled lathes and milling machines.


We will ship the fabricated steel in standard 40 ft containers to the most convenient port for delivery to your project site. The containers are carefully filled to maximum capacity to reduce shipping costs to a minimum. As worldwide shipping is suffering from an over-capacity right now, shipping costs are very competitive. Combined with the strong US dollar, this results in extremely good pricing for US based companies in need of fabricated steel structures or components. Delivery can be by any combination of ship, rail and truck service.


Request A Quote

Go ahead and contact us for a no-obligation quote for your next project. We will price your work from our most suitable facility to give you the best value and the quality you expect. If your project has no restrictions, we can offer very competitive pricing from our Asian facilities.